Job Title:
Animal Care Supervisor
Job Type:
Full Time Permanent
Job Location:
408 Industrial, Truro, NS
Number of Positions:
Date Posted:
March 9, 2017
Job Competition Closes:
March 17, 2017
Job Start Date:
Based on Qualifications and Experience
Terms of Employment:
days, evenings and weekends

A Nova Scotia SPCA Animal Care Supervisor is a key member of the Nova Scotia SPCA team. This individual is responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient day-to-day animal care operational practices of a Shelter to make certain they are compliant with the Society’s animal care standards.


  • Animal Care Supervisors have to keep staff motivated, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions. Good leadership qualities and administrative abilities are essential.
  • Time Management: Animal Care Supervisors work with multiple staff, managers and volunteers across the province, assist in crisis situations and perform reviews. Animal Care Supervisors must to have the ability to create schedules, order supplies and write reports. Ability to work under tight deadlines and pressure situations is essential.
  • Math and Budgeting: Animal Care Supervisors are expected to make sure Shelters are staying on budget. It is essential that the Animal Care Supervisor is good at computers and has extensive knowledge of marketing and sales.
  • Decision-Making Skills: Whether it is dealing with staff, management, government agents, veterinarians or suppliers, the Animal Care Supervisor will have to make decisions that affect the Society. Having the ability to make hard decisions under pressure is crucial to success.
  • Speaking and Writing: Animal Care Supervisors are required to have strong written and oral communication skills.


The Primary duty of an Animal Care Supervisor is to oversee a shelter’s animal care operations to achieve the desired animal outcomes.

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Review monthly animal care goals and results, identify and understand variances, and participate in corrective action plans.
  • Works directly with branch veterinarians and staff to implement best practices in disease control and medication protocols.
  • Oversee that all branch staff are properly trained in disease control cleaning protocols, proper administration of medicine and vaccines.
  • Oversee all pharmaceutical and animal care inventory control and purchasing to ensure proper controls and cost efficiencies.
  • Provide oversight of behavioral assessments of animals, as well as overseeing all euthanasia related decisions or performance of at the shelter.
  • This position supports provincial animal care initiatives and ensures that the branch is collaborating and has the resources required to achieve the Society’s goals
  • Occasionally required to work directly with the public and local veterinarian clinics to ensure the success of our adoption program.
  • Work with Provincial leadership team on various initiatives including the continued enhancement of revenue streams that align with our mission and improve our ability to support a greater number of animals in need.
  • Understand the impact of financial and operational changes, and demonstrate strong problem-solving skills on behalf of the animals, community, stakeholders and the Provincial leadership team.
  • Facilitates the preparation of branch provincial reports.
  • Works directly with those responsible for maintaining the branch volunteer and foster based programs to ensure proper training in disease control protocols and the administration of medicine.
  • Expand and increase live release rates through creative adoption strategies; supportive of solutions put forward by Nova Scotia’s No Kill Model and the Society’s strategic imperatives.
  • Understand and oversee operational compliance with current federal, provincial, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines that affect operations and budgets of non-profit organizations and animal shelters.
  • Ensure policy compliance operationally and accurate and transparent reporting of statistical animal care data.
  • Assist in developing and providing input into policies and procedures with approval and support from the CEO, Provincial Animal Care Director and Board of Directors.

Required Skills

In addition to having the ability to travel and a valid drivers license, the following are some of the skills required of a Nova Scotia SPCA Animal Care Supervisor.


  • Education; A registered Veterinary Technician and member in good standing with EVTA and NSVMA OR equivalent work experience
  • Animal welfare knowledge, donor and volunteer relations, special event experience, marketing and computer skills are necessary.

  Additional Information

  • This position requires a flexible schedule. Evenings and weekends may be required, must be willing to work a flexible schedule.
  • Past supervisory experience considered an asset.
  • Driver’s license is required

Physical Requirements

  • This is a very physically demanding position that may require long periods of standing, bending, kneeling and/or heavy lifting.

Hours of Work

Work responsibilities require a standard 40 hours per week plus additional overtime as required fulfilling the duties associated with the position.


Nova Scotia SPCA is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes all qualified applicants, regardless of gender, race, age, sexuality, or disability. SPCA provides a competitive salary and a rewarding work environment. Interested applicants are asked to submit their resume and cover letter indicating salary expectations to