The Nova Scotia SPCA is a No Kill organization, meaning that we rehome over 90% of the animals served, we are also Open Admission.

Open Admission means the SPCA accepts animals into its care regardless of the situation. Many of these animals are healthy, good-natured pets who are placed for adoption and there are no time limits placed on how long an animal is available for adoption.

Some animals accepted by the SPCA, however, may be too sick, injured or aggressive to be treated or rehabilitated, making humane euthanasia necessary to prevent prolonged suffering or to ensure the health and safety of the community.

We are committed to saving as many animal lives as possible and because of our focus to work together in partnership with the community, animal lives are changed, peoples’ lives are enriched and communities are transformed.

If you know of someone needing help with their pet please call your closest SPCA shelter, or our main # to be redirected 844-835-4798 or email