When you adopt from the Nova Scotia SPCA, you have rescued an animal and created a space for us to rescue another animal in need.   We ensure all animals are healthy and prepared for their new home prior to adoption. Our adoption fees are a great value as all cats and dogs adopted through us have:

  • A vet check-up
  • Health and temperament checks
  • Been spayed or neutered
  • Received their first core vaccines
  • Been dewormed and flea treated
  • A microchip

Nova Scotia SPCA branches are often overflowing with animals that deserve loving new homes. Adoption is an economical option; with many services such as your new pet’s spay/neuter operation, included in the adoption fee.

A cat or dog ‘Free to good home’ may seem like an economical choice as there is  no cost up front, however the health and temperment of the animal may be unknown and your cost for the medical care your new pet is going to need could range between $350 – $750 (cats) or $400 – $800 (for dogs) for a vaccination, veterinarian exam, deworming, flea treatment and testing for disease.

With a dog or cat adopted from the NS SPCA those treatments are included in your adoption fee and more!  A great value for the up front cost of $65 to $210 (for cats) and $250 to $325 (for dogs). *

*example provided by the Dartmouth Shelter