Are you trying to choose a great pocket pet? There are several great choices for family pets. Cats and dogs are, of course, at the top of the list for most popular pets, and make wonderful companions. If you would like to start your children out with a smaller pet that requires less care, there are several great options for caged pets that may work for you.

Here are a few suggestions

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[accordion-item title=”Guinea Pigs”]

Guinea pigs are very tame and friendly, and make wonderful first pets for young children. These cuties rarely bite, and enjoy being played with and petted. Guinea pigs will enjoy vegetables and other treats, and will need attention and play time.


[accordion-item title=”Gerbils”]

Gerbils are very gentle, and will rarely bite or nip. They are quite active, however, and will enjoy being played with during the day. Gerbils do need to be handled very gently, so they may not be the best choice for very young children. You’ll want to get your gerbil at least one buddy, as these little guys are very sociable and tend to get lonely without roommates.


[accordion-item title=”Hamsters”]

Hamsters are super cute and very playful little pets. They are somewhat nocturnal, and tend to want to play at night, but are typically quite friendly and sociable, and like to be held and petted. Hamsters have very soft and silky fur, and tend to be inquisitive and playful, so children can interact with them very easily.



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