Happy Tails! Bella and Winnie

Posted on: Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Good Morning,

A few months back my wife and I had to put down our seven year old Burmese, Reese Whiskerspoon, due a very aggressive form of lymphoma. To add to matters, I left to go to sea for three months two days after we had her put down. As my wife lovingly put it, she had the cat longer than she had me so needless to say she was quite devastated when we put her down. Prior to my leaving, I suggested that we buy or adopt another cat to keep her and our two Chihuahuas company while I was gone; however, Jenn was quite clear that she would never get another cat (to which I smiled and nodded as I know how fast those feelings change a few months down the line).

So fast forward to December 10th, I am back from sea and strangely enough, it’s Jenn’s birthday. After months of thought we were both on board with keeping our zoo down to two Chihuahuas and a couple aquariums, but with it being Jenn’s birthday and all, I thought it would be nice trip to “browse” the adoptable cats at your Provincial Animal Shelter. The moment we walked into the first cat room in the back I knew by the look in Jenn’s eyes that were were not leaving empty handed, but low and behold, I could apparently still be surprised by something. We found a bunch of cats we really liked but due to them only being able to be adopted to a dog free home, we couldn’t get them. Just as I thought I was in the clear, my wife and I heard a very tiny mewing, coming from a bottom kennel in the second cat room. Enter Liger and Penguin.

I knew I was in trouble the second she opened the cage, a pair of eight week old, bonded female sisters. Any hopes of escaping with one cat evaporated when we saw how close those two were. To be fair, Jenn put on a good show of not really caring but after a few minutes of holding and playing with them, she turned to me and said, go pay for them, and so the adventure began. One thing we knew for certain was that the names had to change, as Liger and Penguin did not suit their personalities. It took us/them a few days of getting used to their new surroundings before we finally found the perfect match. Since they were born in October and to be frank, are complete terrors when it is play time (22 hours a day), we named them Bella (the one with the whiter face) and Winnie (the one with the orange face). Since October = Halloween, both are short for witches names, Bella is short for Bellatrix LeStrange and Winnie is short for Winifred Sanderson, oddly enough both cats responded to their new names right away which made them even more fitting.

It’s now been just about two weeks and they are fully integrated into the house, although we still lock them away as they are far to fixated on the Christmas tree for us to leave them alone with it, but after the holiday season, they will have free roam of the house. Despite Bella still suffering from a cold, they have become wonderful new additions to our little fur family and we are very happy we popped in that day.

Both Jenn and I want to thank all the volunteers we dealt with, it made the adoption experience absolutely wonderful and we would 100% recommend adoption in the future to anyone looking and will be poking by with some donations in the not-so distant future.

Stephen & Jenn (and Daisy, Luna, Winnie and Bella)

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