Happy Tails! Odie

Posted on: Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Hello Kings SPCA,

In February 2015 we adopted ‘Colt’ our own Walker Coon Hound then renamed him Odie (Garfield’s lil buddy) and it only took a few days for Odie to learn his name. Odie in coming to his new home never lived in a house before so everything from stairs to rooms scared him. He had to be shown how to go up and down the stairs and where his soft warm bed was and coaxed into it to sleep. Being a rescue dog he had no toilet training or social essentials which resulted in destroyed carpets and other minor problems but we still loved him to bits. Odie has come a long way since he arrived in our lives to where he is almost completely toilet trained apart from the odd accidents. In coming to us he has won the equivelivent  of the doggy million dollar lottery and he has become so relaxed and a happy little boy. His human sister is a major love in his life and she takes him on many car rides and very long walks. This summer was Odie’s  first experience of going to a lake cottage in the wilderness near Windsor NS was an adventure in his life! He was so active and excited the whole first day then fell so exhausted and took himself to his bed just after 6 PM. This year will be Odie’s first Halloween, and first Christmas and we look forward to spending many years ahead with our little boy.  Attached are a few photos of Odie’s life so far!

Adopted from King’s SPCA


Odie, Anna & Al

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