Posted on: Friday, June 17th, 2016

Dartmouth (June 17, 2016) – Last Friday staff and volunteers from the Nova Scotia SPCA were waiting anxiously for the arrival of 3 very special dogs set to land via their private plane flown by Pilots N Paws Canada – an organization dedicating to transporting animals from point a to b across Canada.

As many people are aware, Ontario currently has a Breed Ban Legislation in place, preventing the ownership or adoption of ‘Pit Bulls’ within the province. After a seizure of dogs from an alleged dog fighting operation in Lanark County in Ontario – these pups were given a second chance and have spent the last year, participating in a rehabilitation program in Ontario. Now is it time for the next phase in their journey, finding them forever homes!

“When we receive requests of this nature from other animal welfare groups, we are always more than happy to help.  We know that a life hangs in the balance, so we do our best to make space whenever we are called upon to assist” says Sandra Flemming, Provincial Animal Care Director.

Over the years, the Nova Scotia SPCA has fielded dozens of requests from organizations like the OSPCA and other Humane Societies in Ontario who are looking to give these deserving dogs a second chance.   The Nova Scotia SPCA, as a no kill organization believes that when an animal is in need, regardless of location that they have an obligation to assist.   Partnering with the OSPCA, as well as an amazing organization like Pilots n’ Paws shows what can be accomplished when everyone works together in the best interest of an animal.

Now that Eva, Gus and Ziva have arrived safely, they have been cleared for adoption and are currently at the Provincial Shelter located in Dartmouth.    Sandra Flemming believes that it won’t take long to find their forever homes.  “These dogs are very sweet and affectionate, which is actually quite typical of the breed.  They love to be around people and are very playful.  They will need some work with obedience and adjusting to a home environment, but with their amazing personalities they should adjust quite quickly.”

If you are interested in adopting one of these special dogs, visit our shelter located in Burnside or visit our website for more information about all of our adoptables:

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