PRESS RELEASE: Halifax Woman Charged with Animal Cruelty involving 8 Dogs kept in unsanitary conditions

Posted on: Friday, November 25th, 2016

(Halifax, NS) November 25, 2016 – Gloria Adel Martel was charged on November 23rd, 2016 with failing to provide several dogs with adequate source of water contrary to section 22 (a), confining her dogs to an area or enclosure with unsanitary conditions 22 (d) and causing her animals to be in distress, section 21 (1) of the Animal Protection Act.

SPCA officers responded to a late night call where they found 5 dogs (1 deceased) in a parked minivan in the Halifax area. They later discovered that Ms. Martel had another 3 dogs hidden in another location. All dogs were seized and taken to the SPCA Dartmouth Shelter where they were assessed by a veterinarian.  Several of the dogs had to be shaved down to the skin to remove all the urine and feces covered mats. One dog is recovering from a broken leg.

The NS SPCA operates on a policy of zero tolerance for animal cruelty and sets the standard of animal care for the province of Nova Scotia. The NS SPCA urges you to report acts of animal cruelty by contacting our confidential toll free hotline at: 1-888-703-7722.


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