Happy Tails! Timmy

Posted on: Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

This is Timmy.
We adopted him in August of 2013.
As a volunteer, it’s hard not to get attached to the cats you work with…
It was especially difficult not to fall in love with who we now call Timothy George.
He had a rough life before I adopted him. He was from a hoarding situation and therefore, he took a while to feel comfortable in his new home.
Initially, he hid under the bed for a week, only coming out at night to eat, and use the bathroom. After a week, he found a best friend in our other cat Bo, (who was adopted from a separate hoarding situation in February). It took him six months to realize that we are his forever family, and we just wanted for him to be happy.
I am very glad I gave him a chance, and the time to adjust. He is my boy, and while he may be vocal, I love him to pieces.
This photo shows him being silly. One day I was in my bedroom, and I came out to find he had built himself a shelter under the blanket on our couch.

Adopted from the Dartmouth Shelter