Happy Tails! Willa

Posted on: Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

This is Willa (same name at the shelter) the night we brought her home. She was attached at the leg to me for the longest time, and would cry if she couldn’t see me. She slept with me every night and would wait on the bathroom mat for me to finish in the shower (once she discovered that inside the shower wasn’t for her).
Fast forward almost two years and little Willa has grown up. I miss the days when she would sleep with me every night but I’m glad she is confident enough to sleep wherever she wants (even if it is in my sock drawer). She has made my life infinitely better. I know it is a cliche so say I couldn’t imagine my life without her but some of those sayings are cliches because they are true. I simply couldn’t imagine living without her in my life and I treasure every minute I spend with her. I look forward to being greeted at the door when I come home and being woken up in the morning. She’s my best friend and I am so glad she picked me to be her human.
I’m so thankful for the SPCA for giving fur babies like her a chance to make someone as happy as I am. Adopt don’t shop!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Ashley L.


Adopted from the Dartmouth Shelter