Caring for Animals – Pawprints on Your Heart Challenge.

The aim of this challenge is to promote awareness of the importance of caring for animals and the problems posed by unwanted and uncared for companion animals. The NS SPCA is a volunteer organization which is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals and promoting respect and care for animals in Nova Scotia.

To earn the patch, you must complete 3 of the following activities in a manner appropriate to the unit level.Leaders are encouraged to contact the SPCA at Request a visit to a SPCA Shelter or invite a SPCA Volunteer to a unit meeting to talk about the work of the SPCA.

  • Discuss how you can be kind to animals
  • Participate in the SPCA Poster Contest
  • In small groups, make up and perform a skit that focuses on kindness to animals
  • Discuss what care people must take to make sure their pets are safe, especially in really hot or really cold weather
  • Learn about pet first aid or how to prepare your pets for an emergency
  • Participate in an SPCA event, such as the Bark in the Park or Alley Cat Bowl
  • Do some research about the history and work of the SPCA in Nova Scotia. Share the results with your unit.
  • Discuss the importance of spaying and neutering pets
  • Help the SPCA (for example: make up a care basket of tinned cat or dog food or old towels, help at a Shelter or SPCA event)

To order your patches or request a presentation (either at our location or yours) please fill out the form below.

We love to receive photos because we love pictures! (Only include photos if you have the proper releases for them.)

we rely on generous donations from the public and the time and commitment of our volunteers to keep our shelter and programs like the Girl Guide Challenge running.   As such we are asking each group to collect donations to cover the costs associated with providing the crests.  We are hoping to recover only the costs incurred so that we can look forward to continuing to provide this innovative program now and in the future.  Costs are only $2 per crest.

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