Nova Scotia SPCA, Hants was formed in 1993 and has the largest intake of any of our foster-based Branches. The Branch spear-headed the junior SPCA and the first adoption pact.

Adopting an animal from an SPCA, humane organization or rescue group can be a very rewarding experience. You will be giving a homeless animal a second chance in life and providing it with a safe, loving “forever” home.

In February, 2010, a Junior SPCA was formed. A press release was issued to 8 West Hants Elementary schools, respective School Boards, and newspapers, announcing that we were looking for 12 animal loving youths to join. The goal was for these junior members to meet monthly, work on crafts, learn humane education, host their own fundraisers, assist with ours, and hopefully step into the shoes, and possibly leadership roles, of the Nova Scotia SPCA in years to come. The Branch has worked collaboratively with Kings County Branch and Queens Branch on education initiatives. The Branch has championed in school programming presenting to 8 West Hants Elementary schools.  An information program in 2011 reached 1850 students and 71 teachers.

The Branch also works closely with the Town of Windsor and recently participated in the drafting of new bylaws which included the first formal adoption pact program in the province which sees dogs not redeemed turned over to the Nova Scotia SPCA for adoption.

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