Ways to be involved

If you would like to attend meetings and really get involved, there are many ways to help as a member, such as listed here:

  1. Provide a Foster Home for cat/kittens or dogs/puppies when needed
  2. Suggest ideas for fundraising
  3. Organize or assist in organizing fund-raising activities
  4. Volunteer to work at fund-raising activities
  5. Offer any talents that may be helpful to the SPCA (graphic design for example)
  6. Donate pet food, dishes, litter, cleaning supplies, etc.
  7. Consider, and learn about, becoming a Special Investigator

Your time, more than anything, is the most valuable item you can give to assist in SPCA endeavors. Funds collected are through time and effort DONATED by Members working at events; citizens attending events, buying tickets, etc.; generous public donations and In Memory Of.

Volunteering with the Hants branch consists of being a foster home, assisting with fundraising events and various other tasks.  Contact us or fill out an online application here to find out more ways you can help!

Junior Volunteer Program

The Hants Co. Junior SPCA was the first of its kind in NS, created in Feb. 2010 for animal loving youths with the intentions of teaching them humane treatment of animals, to inspire these young people to join our SPCA when old enough, and to prepare them for leadership roles in our branch.

They have visited the Kings Co. Shelter and learned lines of a humane education skit created by the Queens Co. Branch which was presented to audiences in 5 West Hants Elementary Schools. They created placards for Halloween and marched along Windsor’s main streets to warn people of the dangers of leaving pets out during that celebration.  They have created crafts and organized their own fundraisers as well as assisted with ours.

The Juniors are now under the guidance of Junior SPCA Coordinator Amy Slaunwhite, who is also a Director at Large.  They meet the last Sun. of each month in Newport Corner at 6-7pm. Membership is $10 per year. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend.

Elections were held Jun. 24th with the following outcome:

President – Kaleigh McCarthy
Vice President – Nakell Grandy
Treasurer – Shaylin Johnson
Secretary – Traykiea Grandy
Group Reporter – Kallum Amero

Following the business portion of each meeting, crafts, creation of posters, guest speakers, etc. will help provide entertainment.

If you have any questions, or feel that your child (aged 8-15) would be interested in joining the group, please contact Amy at 253-2062 or email us for more information.

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