The Nova Scotia SPCA is looking for 5 qualified rescue organizations to participate in our Rescue Partner Pilot Project to share your experience and become an approved SPCA Rescue Partner.

The invitation to participate extends to those rescues that can assist in the care, re-homing and the safe & successful transport and transfer of pets to other regions in order to give them the greatest opportunity for a successful adoption.

Our partnership with qualified and experienced Rescue Partners is a critical component in helping us save the lives of pets that are in need of special care. Your participation allows many of the most vulnerable animals to have a second chance of finding a safe and loving forever home.

If you are a qualified and experienced animal rescue organization that would like to become an approved Rescue Partner with Nova Scotia SPCA, please review the terms of our Rescue Agreement. The agreement contains the straightforward policies and procedures that apply to our Rescue Program.

Rescue Partners must be approved prior to receiving or providing care for pets released from Nova Scotia SPCA.

In order to apply to become an approved Rescue Partner, the organization must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an active organization for the purpose of rescuing companion animals and providing care, medical treatment, behaviour assessment or other assistance in order to rehabilitate Nova Scotia SPCA animals for adoption.
  2. Have all appropriate licenses and registrations required by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  3. Have had no arrests or convictions of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment, or ever been banned or suspended as a rescue group from another shelter.

If you meet the requirements and are still interested please complete and submit the application below.

Once received, applications are reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Upon notification that your organization has been approved as a Rescue Partner, you will be eligible to participate in the rescue program and will work with us to develop a program which has a goal not only to increase the capacity of care for the Nova Scotia SPCA but will also provide veterinary support to animals being cared for by partnering Rescue Groups as we work together to improve the lives of animals across the province.

Fill out the form below, then Download and Complete the Partner Agreement and email to For more information about the Rescue Partner Program, please contact us! Become a Rescue Partner