ChangeIt Canada Program

Nova Scotia SPCA has teamed up with the East Coast Credit Union’s new online fundraising program called ChangeIt Canada.

What is ChangeIt®?

ChangeIt® is an automated online charitable giving program that offers donors a simple and secure way to donate small change to the Nova Scotia SPCA with every debit and credit transaction. ChangeIt® enables you to roundup your debit and credit transactions creating Virtual Change™ and to automatically direct this Virtual Change™ to the charitable organizations YOU choose! Your receipts remain unchanged and your account will only be charged monthly according to your set preferences, including your maximum monthlydonation!

Whether purchasing your morning coffee or picking up some groceries, ChangeIt® enables you to help others every time you make a purchase for yourself. Start turning your Virtual Change™ into Real Change.

How does ChangeIt® work?

After you enrol, ChangeIt® will generate Virtual Change™ each and every time you buy something with your credit or debit card by automatically rounding your purchase to the nearest dollar. The Virtual Change™ is accrued monthly and debited from your account in one simple, automated transaction and dispersed to the Nova Scotia SPCA. And remember, you can set maximum monthly donations!

How do I participate?

  1. Register your existing credit & debit card online or at your local branch.
  2. Select Charities and set rounding preferences.
  3. Use your card as usual!

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