Tax Saving Public Securities

The federal government now allows you to reduce your taxes even more when you donate publicly traded securities directly to charities.

Donations of publicly listed securities (i.e. shares, bonds or units of mutual fund trusts) to a registered public charity like the Nova Scotia SPCA are now fully exempt from capital gains tax, plus you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full market value of the donated securities.

If you hold securities that have appreciated significantly in value since they were purchased, it will likely be more cost effective for you to transfer the securities to a charity, rather than sell the securities and make a cash donation. (You will be required to pay a capital gains tax after your shares are sold. This capital gains tax will not apply if the funds are transferred.)

If you plan to make a gift to help animals in need, transferring the securities directly to the Nova Scotia SPCA may be a much more cost effective way of making a donation.

The following is information your financial advisor will require to donate securites to the NS SPCA:

If you would like to receive a contribution receipt, please ensure you contact our office when your advisor processes the donation.

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