Dr. Susan K. Roberts
Dr. Susan K. Roberts Dr. Roberts graduated from Dalhousie Dental School in 1974, one of the first female dentists to graduate from that institution. She established her practice at “Wyse Dentistry”, in the north end of Dartmouth, where she practiced until her untimely death. She also was a part time professor at the Dalhousie Dental School and worked in the north end outreach clinic. Susan was a lifelong learner and graduated with 3 more degrees during her life; a Bachelor of Commerce, Master in Business Administration and a Master in Education. She was a long time serving officer in the Army Reserves, retiring as the Commanding Officer of the Field Medical Unit and Dental Corps, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Susan was a very kind and generous person and was especially concerned with all little “beings” of the world. She organized and raised funds for two dental missions to Guatemala to repair children's teeth in orphanages, which she found extremely rewarding. She also organized special parties and games to delight her grandnieces. Her love of her pet dachshunds was renown. It is in their honor that she provided an In Memorium donation to the SPCA.

Despite her busy schedule, she found time to pursue her great passion of travel, and visited every continent on earth in her short life.

Marilyn Langille
Marilyn Langille Marilyn loved animals, nature and took pride in her flower gardens. The Nova Scotia SPCA is very grateful for her donation in support of cats and dogs!
Anna McNee
Anna McNee From the time Anna was a little girl she loved animals, especially cats. One of her cats, an outdoor cat, as most of them were in those days, lived to be 19 years old. Cookie was her heart-cat at that time and I guess he knew it!

From the time she graduated from Glace Bay High, Anna worked as a dental assistant in the Bay. Within a year or two she met a young man, Sid, who was setting up his first dental practice in town. She started working with him as his assistant and office manager and it was not long after they were a happily married couple. From that day on they worked side by side until their retirement.

Although Anna never had children we always felt well loved and definitely well spoiled around our favourite aunt.

Some of Anna’s leisure activities were skating at the forum in her earlier years, swimming at East Bay and most of all she loved stream fishing, and her favourite “fishing hole” was in Glengarry, Cape Breton.

Anna was one of the kindest, generous people one could ever have the luxury of knowing. Every year she gave to well over a dozen charities with her most special ones being the SPCA in Sydney and Two Rivers Wildlife Park in Marion Bridge where for many years she faithfully adopted a cougar.

And….what a sense of humour. That and her sweet personality drew so many people to her. She believed that humour was the best medicine, as she put it, “to cure what ails you”.

On more than one occasion Anna would say how she wished she could contribute something in a meaningful way before leaving this earth to meet her maker.

Well, I think you will agree that her wish was fulfilled many times over when
• she donated her body to science at Dalhousie University for one
• her generous donation to the SPCA in Sydney which is already benefiting so many animals in her beloved Cape Breton.
We can only imagine how many people and how many animals in need are being helped with these two wonderful, selfless gifts Anna McNee has bestowed.

Thank you Anna.
Eleanor Dyke
Eleanor Dyke

The Dyke family and their animal friends have had a long history with
western Nova Scotia. The family jewelry store was a prominent fixture on
Main Street in Yarmouth for over a hundred years. In the days of horse and
buggy CF Dyke's pet parrot would yell "giddy-up" at the horses and share
some colourful insights learned on the street. More recently Holly &
Thistle, Eleanor and Dick's Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, would greet
visitors with a friendly wag whether at the store or at home -- they went
everywhere together. With retirement (but not until they were both in their
late eighties) Eleanor and Dick remained in Yarmouth until their recent
passing. They were active in support of many community groups and
organizations but were especially concerned about the lack of care options
for stray animals. With the support of family members they left a generous
gift of financial support for the local SPCA.