The Nova Scotia SPCA Inspectors work on the front line seven days a week, 365 days a year, rescuing animals who have been in an accident, abused or abandoned. Last year we intervened on behalf of 3984 animals, investigated 1214 cases and removed 697 animals from harm.

There are thousands of animals in Nova Scotia who find themselves in harm’s way each year. These animals need someone to intervene on their behalf, to rescue and care for them, to ensure they can live the life they deserve and to prosecute animal offenders so they don’t hurt animals again.

It is the SPCA’s Inspector team who are the first line of defence when animals have been in an accident, been the victim of deliberate cruelty, or have been severely neglected or abandoned by their owners.

SPCA Inspectors are on call 7 days a week, 365 days a year ensuring the protection of Nova Scotia’s animals. Our inspectors cover the whole Province from Yarmouth to Sydney.

The SPCA is the only charity with legal powers to help animals in need. We are authorized under the Animal Protection Act to protect all animals from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.