The Nova Scotia SPCA works with communities across the province to prevent cruelty and encourage the humane treatment of all animals. This means rescuing animals in need, providing medical care, and affection and shelter. It also means prosecuting people who deliberately harm animals, and working with offenders to ensure that it does not happen again.

We at the Nova Scotia SPCA do everything we can to ensure that all animals in Nova Scotia – from Yarmouth to Sydney – are being looked after. Like you, we want everyone to know how to look after their animals and give them the care and respect they deserve.

Animal Protection Act

A large part of our work is helping animal owners to abide by the Animal Protection Act. The act has new regulations and we have been working hard to achieve real change through improved welfare standards, which ultimately improves the lives of animals across Nova Scotia. We have worked closely with the Department of Agriculture and continue to make submissions to government when we see a deficiency in the laws to represent animals during both review of the act and its implementation. To report cruelty file an online complaint or call 1-888-703-7722 to let us know of your complaint immediately.

Click here to see a copy of the Animal Protection Act

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