The Nova Scotia SPCA’s shelters are the first stop for all animals that come in to our care. Here we provide essential medical care to animals that are sick and injured, as well as routine health checks, vaccinations, microchips and spaying & neutering for all companion animals.

Health checks

Every animal is examined by our knowledgeable staff upon arrival. For many animals this can be a simple routine health check, but sadly for those with significant medical issues, getting back to health can involve intensive treatment, long-term care and in some cases emergency life saving surgery.


All animals are vaccinated before they are put up for adoption. This helps stop the spread of diseases like cat flu and parvo.


All companion animals are microchipped and registered. Microchipping is one of the best forms of identification and it means if that animal is found, they can easily be reunited with their owners.

Spay & Neutering

Thousands of stray animals come to the Nova Scotia SPCA each year. Only surgery will reduce the number of unwanted and neglected animals and reduce the suffering caused as a direct result. We spay and neuter all companion animals before they are put up for adoption.

Life saving surgery

The Nova Scotia SPCA funds all life saving surgery performed for the animals that come in to our care. Our staff working tirelessly with veterinarians to ensure the best outcome for every animal.


We are extremely grateful to our volunteer foster parents who provide temporary homes for animals who are recovering from flu, other illnesses, or surgery. These animals are given a quiet, loving temporary home to recover before they return to our shelters or off-site adoption locations to be put up for adoption.