The Nova Scotia SPCA provides a safe haven for animals with nowhere else to go. We give them affection, care and a roof over their heads until we can find them a new forever home.

Whether they have just arrived, are currently undergoing medical treatment, or are waiting to be adopted, every animal needs food and deserves a warm bed and shelter. At all of our Branches – staff and volunteers work to ensure that every animal is loved and cared for on their journey to finding a new home.

As well as food and shelter, each animal enjoys different forms of enrichment from toys for the cats, to play, to long walks with volunteers and time in outdoor kennels for dogs.

Matching the right home with the right animal is essential. A persons lifestyle, environment and experience with animals are all important factors that are considered before an adoption is approved. Our animal team and volunteers work hard to ensure that every animal finds the best forever home for them.

Adopting a new family member is a big decision, as it is a commitment to care for that animal for the rest of its life.