The Nova Scotia’s Veterinary Services are a key tool in the war on overpopulation, both the Clinic located at the Dartmouth Shelter and the Hospital located at our Cape Breton Shelter in Sydney focuses on providing spaying and neutering services at affordable and low-cost rates.

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The Nova Scotia SPCA spay & neuter services targets low-income families and individuals. Shelters are filled with litters of cats and dogs whose guardians cannot afford to spay/neuter them. By making spay/neuter services affordable it makes it possible for these people to have their pets altered, lowering shelter intakes and euthanniasias.

Our partner Veterinarians accomplish many spay/neuters per day, making a real dent in the number of unwanted litters in the community

Cape Breton’s SPCA’s Animal Hospital
401 East Broadway, Sydney NS B1N 3K1
(902) 241-2240

Dartmouth SPCA’s High Volume Spay & Neuter Clinic
5 Scarfe Court Dartmouth NS B3B 1W4
(902) 468- 1142