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Dartmouth High Volume/ Low Cost Veterinary Hospital

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Rescue Spay & Neuter Application
Public Spay & Neuter Application – Must attach a copy of proof of income to complete the application, otherwise email and drop off at the shelter at 5 Scarfe Crt.

Apply in person or by email:
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Spay or Neuter Application

Submit in person to the SPCA or by email at you must attached proof of income before we can book an appointment.

*Please note that the clinic spay/neuter services are only available by appointment. The clinic does NOT provide general services such as routine vaccinations, euthanasia services, wellness or emergency appointments. Please contact your local veterinarian for these services.

The Benefits of Getting your Pet Spayed or Neutered:

  • Your pet’s lifespan may be extended due to disease reduction.
  • Your pet may be less temperamental and more affectionate.
  • Your pet is less likely to wander from home and be injured or killed by predators or motor vehicles.
  • It prevents unwanted litters that many become strays and suffer from starvation and disease.
  • Stops the spread of disease by sexual contact
  • Spaying and neutering makes life easier around your home. Female pets won’t go into heat, so there’s no howling or need for messy doggy diapers.
  • Reduces marking behavior and reduces the smell of urine.
  • Spaying or neutering your pet early on can save you a lot of money down the road. You won’t have to care for unwanted litters and you will spend less money providing medical treatment for your pets since spayed or neutered pets also have fewer health problems.
  • As an added bonus, spaying or neutering your dog results in lower registration fees in most municipalities!

Misconceptions about spaying or neutering:

  • Pets do not need to reproduce to lead normal lives.
  • Spayed/neutered animals will not become fatter or lazier if food is properly regulated.
  • They will not become boring or miserable. In fact, they are often happier and more prepared to stay home!
  • Spaying/neutering does not shorten your pet’s life. On the contrary, spaying/neutering can prevent serious diseases of the reproductive organs.