The Nova Scotia SPCA is celebrating World Spay Day, Feb 28 2017, with a goal to provide 100 Spay or Neuter surgeries across the province to low income pet owners for no cost.

Are you a caring pet owner who has been unable to get your pet spayed/neutered due to financial or other barriers? This program may be for you.

Pets are a beloved part of our families.  Our hope is that this program will improve the lives of families aided by this initiative, not only the lives of the companion animals but also their human caretakers.  A spayed/neutered pet is less likely to become lost and stray, less likely to develop behaviour issues so more likely to remain with their family.

Many caring pet owners struggle to afford spay/neuter services before their pet reaches maturity at only 6 months of age.  When a family pet has a litter, that adds to the overpopulation problem in Nova Scotia and puts a strain on the caretakers as well as shelters and rescue groups, even when rehomed privately those rehomed pets may eventually end up at a shelter or rescue.

Spay Day HRM,  is also aiming to accomplish 100 spay/neuter surgeries in celebration of World Spay Day by targeting two areas, the community of Indianbrook and Federal Ave area of Halifax while the SPCA efforts will focus on other areas of the province.  This effort will take a team of volunteers to coordinate and transport but will have a lasting impact to those helped.  Great work Linda and Spay Day team!

Thank you Steele Mazda for matching donations made supporting Spays and Neuters occurring as part of World Spay Day celebrations


Click here to Apply for a World Spay Day surgery

* Applications must be submitted by Feb 21st at 10am to be considered

*You must be able to show proof of income to qualify for this special promotion. Space is limited so apply today. Applications will be chosen based on available surgery space and income level.

Volunteers will be needed to help get pets to their appointments on Feb 28th, contact us if you are available to help pet owners who want their pet spayed/neutered overcome a common barrier – the lack or expense of transportation to and from the vet. Must have own transportation and valid drivers license. Volunteers will be asked to help with transporting cats, dog transports will be arranged with the SPCA vehicles equipped for safely transporting dogs.