Thank you so much for selecting the Nova Scotia SPCA as the beneficiary of your event. We have created this form for those caring individuals and companies in our great community who are
planning an event to help our homeless cats and dogs.


What is a Third Party Fundraising Event?
A third-party fundraiser is any fundraising activity organized by a non-affiliated group or individual where the Nova Scotia SPCA has no fiduciary responsibility and little or no staff involvement.

How can I get started in planning my event for the Nova Scotia SPCA?
The path to launching a third-party event typically begins with an idea and a plan of action that is presented to the Nova Scotia SPCA. The group or individual completes an application and submits a signed Third Party Application which becomes an agreement about expectations from the Nova Scotia SPCA’s involvement, whether with animals or volunteers and the group or individual planning the event.

What happens after I submit the plan and application?
Although we actively encourage third party fundraising events, all events must be approved by the Nova Scotia SPCA in advance. This is an important safeguard to preserving the integrity of the Nova Scotia SPCA name and our commitment to raise the funds necessary to fulfill our mission in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Once approved, we can provide guidance for your event and discuss ways that we can help inform our membership and the community about the event.

Does the Nova Scotia SPCA staff and volunteers provide assistance in executing events?
Unfortunately, we do not always have the personnel needed to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third-party events. Therefore the event sponsor is responsible
for all details of the event including:

  • Underwriting all of the related costs
  • Recruiting volunteers to help out at the event
  • Writing all letters, including solicitation, sponsor requests, thank you letters, etc. to potential donors, sponsors, patrons, etc.
  • Creating fliers to publicize the event
  • Working at the actual event

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at (902) 835-4798 or